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New Summer Classes

Teen summer program/classes

Mondays and Wednesdays 10 AM to 12 PM. For July and August $200 per month.

Sumer Intro to Acting for Adults

Our special 6 week summer Intro to Acting for adults Monday nights 7-9pm

Intro to Acting is designed for adults with little or no acting experience. This class explores acting in a supportive, safe, and relaxed setting. Through a mix of classic acting techniques and exercises including improvisation and relaxation, the class will culminate in scene study, using film/television scripts.
Various methods are used and explored. We ​don’t subscribe to one method only. We ​encourage students to use what techniques and ideas work for them. We focus on truth, script analysis, as well as character development and relationships.

New actors will learn that acting is truly listening – responding – living truthfully in imaginary circumstances.
This class benefits from two alternating instructors. Classes at the Actors Lab focus on the truthfulness and subtly of acting with the camera for film and television.

Starting Monday July 2nd-Aug 6th