New Fall Adult and Youth Classes! Learn more

New Summer Classes

Adult Acting for Newer Actors (Evening)

Monday, September 17th 6 to 8 PM.
8 week session

Adult Acting for Newer Actors (Daytime)
Fridays 11-1pm.
$140 a month – ongoing

New Youth Fall Session

Starting September 22nd 10am-11:45am Ages 10-12
$280 for 8 week session.

With a separate class for kids ages 6-9

Teen Classes (Starting up again Monday, September 10th!)

Saturdays 12pm to 2pm and Mondays after school 3:30pm to 5pm with a new Wednesday class 3:30pm to 5pm

$140 a month (once a week) – ongoing

$180 a month (twice a week) – ongoing

A Dash of Improv

Join us once a month for Improv! The first Monday of each month. It just takes a touch of improv to make a difference in a scripted scene or an audition to make all the difference and book a role. This is different then long tiered improv programs, geared towards performance. This improv is to help actors understand staying in the moment, saying “yes, and” and using improvisation within scripted material, so that they can use themselves and play more within the text.

Mondays (8-10pm)
$35 a month

Advanced Improv/Commercial Audition Workshop

This workshop is for actors with experience and or currently are auditioning. This workshop is designed to be fun and to help actors understand how to use improv and practice using improv successfully in commercial auditions to help book the job.

Saturday July 21st and Saturday August 25th

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$85 for one workshop:

$150 for both workshops: