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New Classes Announced!

Covering the basics of acting, cold reading, scene study and auditions.
Starting Wednesday, February 5th 
Again – this class will alternate every other Wednesday with every other Monday. So it will be two Wednesdays and two Mondays a month.
Mondays and Wednesdays 7-9pm. 
This class is on going month to month.
$140 a month. 
You must audit (for free) a regular class before registering for this class. And please confirm after registering to make sure you attend the correct evenings.  



Starting after Labor Day

Saturday September 7th 12-2:30pm 

$140 a month 



Darren Croucher Bio
Darren writes short stories, novels and screenplays (and the occasional country song). He’s had stories published in anthologies, has won some screenwriting competitions, and is currently developing a script with a producer in LA.
Class Description
This class is for anyone currently working in the studio who is interested in getting feedback on whatever they happen to be writing. The focus is on scenes, but you can bring anything – we’ve worked on song lyrics, comic essays, personal essays, short stories, screenplays and novels.
Each month, we’ll work through pieces from everyone in the class. The week before class, you’ll send your piece (up to 5 pages) to Darren, and he’ll send them to everyone attending class that month, so that we can all read everyone else’s piece and give constructive feedback in the class itself!
It’s a vulnerable experience to share your writing-in-progress with anyone else, let alone with a group. But that vulnerability is how you get stronger as a writer. The class is a safe space — our only goal is to help each writer find ways to get their writing closer to what they want it to be.
Once a month – the last Saturday of each month at 3 PM.



Tuesday. March 24 
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Instructor – Brock Vickers
Brock Vickers is an actor, writer, and teacher with more than a decade of experience on stage, in front of the camera, behind the scenes, and in the classroom. In addition to his training, he has performed everything from improvised street theatre to Shakespeare and worked as a model, voiceover artist, commercial actor, and spokesperson in addition to his work as an actor. Favorite roles include Bullshot in Bullshot Crummond, Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, Poe in The Tales from Edgar Allan Poe which he adapted with Lily Dwoskin, the Man in On the Verge, and Charles II/William Scott in Or,. His plays include his bloody farce Blood on the Knockers and the adaptation of Raphael Sabatini’s novel “Scaramouche,” The Ballad of Scaramouche, with his third work Irene Adler and Her Majesty’s Secret Service currently being workshopped alongside an H.P. Lovecraft homage Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Necronomicon.  You can see him this year at Annapolis Shakespeare Company in The 39 Steps and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Follow Brock at @BrockDavin or on his website at


Improv Workshop Description:

Every actor better be able to improvise these days. While we are not all meant to be Second City sketch comedians, the skill has become a vital asset to the working actor. Scripts have become more malleable, and often writers and directors are leaving room for the performers to add that missing element. Yet, the odd thing is that despite improvising our daily lives and living off-script, many actors are terrified of the blank page. Using lessons from short-form and long-form improv, this class will teach you first principles and give you the poise to play the part with and without the script. This workshop aims to give you the essential tools to handle improvised scenes, the confidence to work off-script in an audition, and the wherewithal to adapt in an ever-changing business.