Adult Acting Classes

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From Uta Hagan, to Stanislavsky, to Strasberg to Meisner our adult classes are based in traditional theater training, but we don’t make or advise our students to subscribe to one belief only. We believe actors should use whatever technique works for them in any given circumstance at any given time. It’s about listening, while being truthful and honest. The intimacy and truthfulness of acting for film and television is our focus. We use real and current film and television scripts to train. Through simple and fun exercises, including relaxation, cold readings and improv – students will practice real world auditions, cold reading and off book in depth scene study. All classes are safe, supportive and will focus on the real world subtle, intimate work of auditioning and acting for the camera. Our job is to simply reflect humanity, by living truthfully under fictional circumstances.

An actor projects for theater and contains for Film & TV. Learn the difference. Some people are good at acting some people are good at auditioning – you have to be good at both. You can’t get the job unless you audition/interview for it…whatever business you’re going into.

All work is filmed and at a level for the camera. Students are encouraged to bring an SD card so they can take work home. After three months/12 weeks, actors are able to perform in a scene night for family and friends as well as industry professionals.

Adult Acting Classes

Day Time:

Tuesday 1p – 4p
Thursday 10:30a – 1:30pm


Tuesday 6:30p – 9:30p
Wednesday 6:30p – 9:30p

Improv is the perfect way to start acting no script allows you to focus and listen and be present in the moment. It’s not about being funny or getting a laugh it’s about being truthful. This class will incorporate improvisation, acting exercises and eventually incorporate scripted material.

NEW Adult Improv – starting January 14th 2019

Twice a month – every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month
* At A New Time: 7PM-9PM *
This class is ongoing- month to month
$50 a month

Acting for Newer Adult Actors
Fridays 11 AM to 1 PM
This is an ongoing class
Limit 10 per class


Class Fees

Once a week (4 classes a month)

$140 a month

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Twice a week (8 classes a month)

$180 a month

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Three a week (12 classes a month)

$225 a month

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