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Actors Lab Philly Tips For Parents and Students To Avoid Scams

For adult actors and parents of child actors – real world career guidance from someone who’s been there, knows the industry and cares about actors.

Here Are The Top 10 Red Flags

1. Getting approached in a mall about yourself or your child, modeling or acting.
2. A workshop, class, or “audition” being held in a hotel.
Events, workshops or “auditions” that involve out of town travel.
3. Unless it’s a “workshop,” never submit any kind of payment whatsoever to audition for an agent or a manager. Check if an agent is SAG franchised and if a manager if licensed.
4. Phrases like “You’ve been hand picked.” or “You were referred to us.” Referral’s can be great if you know who referred you, why and to whom.
5. Never pay anything upfront to an agent or manager! They get commission. 10% for an agent.
15% for a manager, after you book a job!
6. Head shots (your pictures) should be professionally done and should be reasonably priced. Average prices should be no more than $300- $500 total.
7. Auditions held at odd times as places, I.E. a restaurant at 10pm on a Friday night or a residence.
8. Classes and workshops vary in price and structure, but they should be reasonably priced and easy to maintain.
9 Casting director and agent workshops sound great and may expose you to people in the industry. Remember that they are paid to be there. They look differently at people who pay to be seen, as opposed to finding talent in a play, independent film or personal referral.
10. Run for the hills when you hear things like, “We’ll get you and your child auditions …IF you take our classes.”

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